Celebrating Bourbon on National Bourbon Day

Bourbon, the national spirit of the United States, has a colorful history marked by both boom and bust. Once again at the forefront of American spirits, Bourbon has seen a resounding “Bourbon Boom” over the past decade, following a period of relative obscurity. This revival is cause for celebration every day, but on June 14th, National Bourbon Day, the atmosphere takes on an extra dash of fervor.

As the sun rises on June 14th every year, bourbon enthusiasts around the world toast to a spirit deeply woven into the tapestry of American history. National Bourbon Day, now a widely celebrated occasion, has its roots steeped in tradition and the captivating narrative of America’s native spirit.

The origins of Bourbon can be traced back to the late 18th century, predominantly in the state of Kentucky. However, it wasn’t until 1964 that Bourbon was officially declared America’s native spirit by an act of the U.S. Congress. This distinctive recognition put Bourbon on the global map and boosted its appeal among whiskey aficionados.

Fast forward a few decades, and National Bourbon Day came into being thanks to a group of spirited individuals who sought to dedicate a day to celebrate this American classic. Their dedication to Bourbon was so profound that they petitioned to establish an entire day in its honor. Their efforts bore fruit when in 2007, the U.S. Senate declared September to be National Bourbon Heritage Month. Encouraged by this acknowledgment, the enthusiasts further campaigned to earmark a specific day within this month to intensify the celebration.

However, instead of choosing a day in September, the date June 14th was picked to commemorate the day that bourbon production was first legally recognized in America, back in 1789. This marked a significant event in the whiskey world, solidifying the position of Bourbon as a quintessential American spirit.

In a true testament to its resilience, Bourbon has weathered many storms, from the Whiskey Rebellion in the 1790s to the dark days of Prohibition in the 1920s. It saw a decline in popularity in the late 20th century, only to experience a remarkable renaissance in recent years, fondly referred to as the “Bourbon Boom”.

Today, National Bourbon Day is an embodiment of this resilience and the enduring love for this classic spirit. It’s a day for aficionados to engage in spirited dialogues, share tasting notes, embark on distillery visits, try unusual pairings, and toast to the master distillers and artisans who continue to enrich the bourbon legacy. It’s more than a celebration; it’s a tribute to the undying spirit of Bourbon, its rich heritage, and its significant contribution to the American spirits landscape.

Have a Bourbon Debate

Take part in the whisky discussion and increase your understanding of Bourbon at the same time. Talk about what you’ve tasted, what you’ve noticed, and what you’ve learned with others. Starting these conversations on podcasts and social media is a great way to kick off your National Bourbon Day festivities.

“National Bourbon Day is all about connection,” whisky connoisseur Mike Dawson told us in our interview, “the connection with a rich history, shared experiences, and the innate warmth of bourbon itself.”

Host an Extravagant Home Tasting

Create an exciting tasting room in the comfort of your own home. Have a blind-tasting party with your friends and learn something new while having a great time. The best part of your day can be when an outsider becomes the clear favorite.

The Distillery Experience

Make plans to visit a local distillery or pub serving Bourbon. The complex distillation process and distinctive flavor profiles can be better understood by visiting a distillery like Texas’s Garrison Brothers or Kentucky’s Artisan Distillery.

Kentucky Peerless Master Distiller Caleb Kilburn said, “Every distillery visit adds another layer to your bourbon knowledge.” It’s about learning to appreciate the craft that goes into making the spirit as well as enjoying its flavor.

A Raise for the Craftspeople

Conor the magicians by raising a glass in their honor. A heartfelt way to celebrate is with a toast to the master distillers, the hardworking team members, and the person who first introduced you to Bourbon.

Tasty Bourbon Excursions

Explore new flavors by combining Bourbon with unexpected ingredients. A robust New York Hudson Baby Bourbon with a spicy Mexican mole, or the smokey allure of Uncle Nearest from Tennessee with some fresh oysters.

“Bourbon, with its complexity, is a culinary world waiting to be explored,” says Chef Paul Gerard of matching food with whisky. Its complex flavors go wonderfully with a wide range of dishes.

Make Your Cocktails

Making a special cocktail with bourbon is another fun thing to do on National Bourbon Day. The options for mixing drinks using Burnside Bourbon are practically limitless, from novel takes on traditional drinks like the Mint Julep to entirely original concoctions.

Spreading the Love of Bourbon

Authentic Bourbon is steeped in history and fueled by enthusiasm. Sharing a bottle of Bourbon with a friend is more than just a drink; it’s an introduction to a community and a way of life. Fiona Bell, distiller of Utah’s High West Distillery: “Bourbon isn’t simply a drink; it’s a feeling. The act of sharing it amplifies the feeling many times again.

The opinions of bourbon drinkers tend to vary widely. In honor of National Bourbon Day, let’s have a conversation about our favorite bourbons and bourbon-related experiences.

Celebrating Bourbon Responsibly

As we raise our glasses to celebrate National Bourbon Day, let’s not forget why we’re doing it: to honour the spirit’s rich history, fine craftsmanship, and ability to bring people together. This shared interest brings together bourbon fans from all over the world, from the middle of the United States to the mountains of Europe.

But we can’t forget the responsibilities that come with our liquor habit. As people who like whisky, it’s our job to teach ourselves and the people around us about how important it is to drink in moderation. In the big picture, it’s easy to get carried away with the tastings, cocktail making, and distillery trips that are planned for the event. It’s important to keep in mind that the point of these events is to respect and enjoy the spirit, not to overdo it.

Even though we remember the long past of making bourbon, let’s not forget to think about how each of us will shape the future of this well-known drink. Every thing we do, from helping small distilleries owned and run by families to being careful with our money, adds to the story of bourbon. Lastly, let’s keep expanding our minds by inviting more people to join us in our lively talks and building a community that accepts everyone’s different tastes. Every day feels like Bourbon Day when people talk, make finds that help each other, and have a strong desire to enjoy all things bourbon.