Whiskey Fails – Drinks to Steer Clear Of

If you drink enough whiskey, you might get the sophisticated, Sinatra-esque look. Whiskey was his preferred beverage, according to PBS. Two fingers of Jack Daniel’s, mixed with ice and water, would be Sinatra’s preferred beverage. The Associated Press reports that when Sinatra passed away at the age of 82 in 1998, a bottle of Jack Daniel’s was interred with him at his burial.

Unfortunately, not everyone has Ol’ Blue Eyes’ level of coolness, and getting a whiskey at a bar could get you some strange looks. Before you hit the town for a night on the town, arm yourself with knowledge of the whiskey-based drinks you should never order. No one wants to see that they’re culturally ignorant and undeveloped when they order an Irish Car Bomb at a bar. Irish Car Bombs are more for show than taste, in case you’ve never gone to a college party with them.

The Joke that is “Jack and Coke”

Jack and Coke is one of the most famous drinks of all time. For the traditional cocktail, simply combine a glass of ice with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey and cola of your choice. If you believe Cool Material, the original energy drink that provided a caffeine boost was a combination of Red Bull and vodka. This cocktail was also included in their list of things to stay away from once you hit 30. The effect is that you appear incapable of handling whiskey on your own.

You should reconsider your drink order as you age, regardless of whether you believe you require one or not. Although getting a Jack and Coke at a pub has a throwback feel, you can be embarrassed by your actions if you have too many. Researchers found that compared to vodka drinkers, bourbon drinkers were more inebriated and suffered from more severe hangovers. Coke only facilitates the consumption of more Jack Daniel’s than would be possible when consumed straight.

On Ice Is The Wrong Way To Go Apparently

If you want to avoid seeming foolish while ordering that pricey shot of whiskey, the next time you’re at a bar, ask the bartender to hold the ice. Whiskey is best enjoyed neat, using a snifter. Some ice cubes will chill the alcohol and lessen its flavor, making it more appealing on a steamy summer night than a glass at room temperature. You may boost the flavor of your whiskey without sacrificing its chill aspect by adding a few drops of water. Whiskey tastes just as good served on its own without any added “rocks” while you’re at home. To avoid drinking watered-down whiskey, chill the liquor and add ice by placing whiskey stones in the freezer.

It is Naive to Order the Three Wise Men

No rule says you have to cut back on shot consumption once you leave the fraternity. Any celebratory shooter now and then is fine. On the other hand, true whiskey connoisseurs might get a little nervous after trying the Three Wise Men shot.

Three Wise Men is a powerful whiskey shot that combines Jack Daniel, Jim Beam, and Johnnie Walker in equal proportions, as stated by Cool Material. Instead of trying to distinguish between each type of whisky, this drink blends three different kinds into one shot: bourbon, Tennessee whiskey, and Scotch whisky. Blending these names into one ridiculous shot is something no self-respecting whiskey drinker would ever do. Get drunk quickly by ordering this cocktail. Everyone can see that’s not a good look. The Three Wise Men Go Hunting shot is a stronger and more humiliating variety that includes Wild Turkey; it might enhance your embarrassing order.

A Whiskey Sour Is Not for Adults

Even a novice bartender can make a decent whiskey sour. It’s simple to prepare, make, and manage (so long as you don’t overindulge). For the traditional cocktail, Bon Appétit suggests bourbon, fresh lemon juice, and simple syrup. This beverage, bean bag chair, and shower caddy are not for you unless you are 21 years old. Get a different drink if you can’t stop getting whiskey sour. The Times Free Press was advised by several bartenders that this sweet whiskey cocktail is ordered by patrons who are perceived as inexperienced drinkers, which can be humiliating for those trying to project an air of coolness. Whiskey sours may use an egg white for an updated, more sophisticated take on the traditional cocktail. Another option is to order something more refined from your favorite bartender and leave the whiskey sours at home.

The Delicious Alaska Duck Fart Has a Rather Offputting Name

If you order an Alaska Duck Fart, not even the bartender will take you seriously again. Were they able to do it? Why would any mature adult ever want a cocktail that talks about gas in the intestines? It was the Anchorage pub Peanut Farm that reportedly came up with the drink, as reported by the Anchorage Press. The customer’s initial sip sound may have inspired the creamy cocktail’s absurd name, according to one theory. Dieters’ worst nightmare, with names to match, are Alaska Duck Farts. Tipsy Bartender claims that this cocktail is more equivalent to an adult milkshake than a cocktail due to the addition of Crown Royal, Irish cream, coffee liqueur, whole milk, ice cream, and whipped topping. If you’re not watching your calorie intake and can speak your order well, though, you’re in for a fantastic inebriated treat.

The Term “Old Fashioned” is Not Coincidental

When you go to that dive bar again, don’t get an Old Fashioned. To begin with, the name makes it sound like something your grandpa would drink, and when you place an order for one, it gives the impression that you’ve been transported to the late 1800s, when a comparable cocktail (made with gin) was first developed. Club soda, bitters, a muddled sugar cube, bourbon or rye whiskey—that’s what Esquire claims you need for an Old Fashioned.

Be that as it may, your bartender may take offense if you order an Old Fashioned at a place where it isn’t listed on the menu—grandfatherly tendencies aside. You could expect an exhausted bartender during happy hour to put in a lot of time and effort to make the perfect Old Fashioned. Bartenders are sure to frown upon requests to “make it the right way.” No one should feel shame about upsetting the bartender. Because no one in our century should order it at bars, it is termed an Old Fashioned for a reason.

Alabama Slammers Defeated

The University of Alabama reportedly began serving the Alabama Slammer in the late 1960s as a fruit shot before it evolved into a cocktail. This sunset-looking cocktail has the flavor of a juice box thanks to its combination of Southern Comfort, orange juice, amaretto, and sloe gin. Cocktail, a film that inspired most guys to become bartenders, featured the vibrant cocktail. In his renowned poem scene, Tom Cruise’s character, Brian Flanagan, often known as the Last Barman Poet, referred to the delightful, fruity cocktail.

The Alabama Slammer may be on the menu at some dive pubs and restaurants due to its recent popularity, but you don’t have to ask for one. If you order this drink, it means you read the “Have a Cocktail” placemat a lot. On the other hand, you could be a female 22 years old spending her spring vacation in South Beach.

Only Have Apple Jacks With Breakfast

The name Apple Jacks conjures images of a bowl of breakfast cereal—not a cocktail—one would have while watching Saturday morning cartoons. It’s an embarrassment in a glass. Both apple juice and Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey are called for in the recipe found on Jack Daniel’s website. Serve with ice and a slice of apple for garnish. That apple juice and whiskey cocktail with caramel and spice flavors won’t be welcome at your office holiday party, no matter how tasty. You can’t help but look like a pretend adult when you mix apple juice with alcohol. For a more mature whiskey cocktail, try a mint julep.

Keep Away From Crack Pipe Shoots

A drug-themed drink is uncool, first things first. Requesting a crack pipe shot at a pub is something you should feel ashamed of. But it’s happening, and whoever is responsible ought to feel terrible about it. You can ask for the crack pipe shot by name, according to the tipsy bartender. This powerful shot is made with an equal amount of Wild Turkey, Rumple Minze, and 151-proof rum.

No one trying to stay upright should ever drink Wild Turkey bourbon whiskey (101 proof), Rumple Minze peppermint schnapps (100 proof), or 151 proof rum. Perhaps since there isn’t much that can, it doesn’t have any fruit juice or soda added to make it go down easier. Even though one crack pipe shot is more than enough alcohol to get you through the night, no one ever stops drinking, so you can expect to hear some embarrassing tales the following day. The foreseeable repercussions should dissuade you if the name doesn’t.

Just Leave The SoCo and Lime For College Please

If you see Southern Comfort on store shelves next to other whiskeys, you might think it’s nothing special. Whiskey is made to look foolish since it tastes more like a fruit and spice liqueur than whiskey itself. Don’t let the sweetness mislead you. You can’t mess with original, 80-, or 100-proof spirits.

When not served neat or on rocks, Southern Comfort (SoCo) is sometimes accompanied by orange and cranberry mixers. Lime and SoCo are two popular combinations. A shot of SoCo with lime, made with Southern Comfort and lime juice, is served with a lime wedge as a garnish. After you graduate from college, you should probably stop drinking this. Having consumed fruity shots, you may have made some poor decisions. The SoCo and lime shot are on the list of cocktails to stay away from beyond the age of 30. Adult beverages are in order; forget the sugar-free whiskey shots that college students order.