The Top 5 Whisky Beers You Need to Try

Whisky and beer, two of the most popular alcoholic drinks in the world, have just wed, giving rise to the new and flavorful fusion known as whisky beer. This combination makes for an alluring mix because of their respective smoothness and warmth.

Whisky and beer have a wonderful history of experimentation and adaptation thanks to human ingenuity. This complex tango between two favorite beverages is relatively new but has deep origins in both cultures. The significance of invention is typically highlighted while discussing historic liquors and brews.

The birthplace of whisky, Scotland, is likely where this combination was originally tried. Brewers and whisky makers alike have noticed the similarities in flavor profiles between the two beverages. Inherent harmony was implied by their shared malted barley foundation. Not long after, a bold distillery decided to employ beer barrels to age their whisky. Using the distinct flavors of both drinks, the company made a move that was not only novel but also highly strategic.

Historically separate industries, breweries, and distilleries have recently discovered common ground. Some companies began working together to create groundbreaking new beverages, such as Jameson and Franciscan Well Brewery.

International audiences were skeptical at first. After all, customs and rituals are well ingrained in the whisky and beer industries as well. It wasn’t long, though, until fans started to appreciate the blend, as they do with any creative and well-crafted creation. Suddenly, whisky beer was everywhere, from the crowded streets of Tokyo to the quiet bars of Dublin. The sophisticated complexity it added was recognized by experts, while the unique spin on traditional flavors was welcomed by casual consumers. Breweries all over the world are jumping on the whisky beer bandwagon, so let’s take a look at some of the top players on the field.

1. Harviestoun Ola Dubh 18

Black oil, or “Ola Dubh” in Gaelic, is where the name comes from. The beer lives up to the intrigue of its moniker. A wonderful harmony of smoke and sweetness, it is aged in casks from the famous Highland Park Distillery in Orkney. Highland Park’s love for sherry casks is celebrated in this robust ale by notes of toffee and dried fruit, most notably raisins.

  • Harviestoun is the site of the tasting. The United Kingdom has been the primary epicenter of Ola Dubh 18’s success. However, its notoriety has spread to far-flung locations like the United States and parts of Asia, particularly in upscale watering holes that specialize in whisky and rare ales.
  • As of our most recent count, a bottle of Harviestoun Ola Dubh 18 may be purchased for anywhere from $10 to $15, however, this does vary widely on location and stock. Local considerations such as taxes and import fees may cause prices to change.
  • Harviestoun Ola Dubh owes much of its conception to Highland Park Distillery, namely their skill with aging spirits in sherry casks. Harviestoun Brewery was inspired by the distillery’s success in creating whisky to investigate how those same qualities may be reflected in their beer. Using the remaining whisky and sherry flavors in the cask, the brewers created a deep, black, and remarkably complex ale.

2. Tennent’s Whisky Oak-Aged Beer

Tennent’s Beer, born and brewed in Scotland’s storied brewing region, is a one-of-a-kind ale-lager hybrid. What sets it distinct is that it is aged in oak that has been infused with Speyside Single Malt Whisky. The unexpected use of American hops makes for a delicious beer that is a treat for the sense of smell. Let it come to room temperature so that all of its nuanced flavors can shine through.

3. BrewDog Trilogy: Jura

BrewDog, based in Aberdeenshire, is a craft brewery that has been at the forefront of beer innovation for some time. The success of their Paradox line is evidence of their creative drive. Aged in casks that once held the Isle of Jura whisky, the Paradox Jura is a veritable flavor explosion. It combines barrel-aged spiciness with coffee, chocolate, and deep caramel flavors. A bottle of this rare wine is like finding a treasure, and it deserves to be enjoyed on special occasions.

BrewDog, with its origin in Aberdeenshire, has earned a reputation for pushing boundaries and reinventing the familiar. The Paradox Jura is a brilliant example of their penchant for blurring lines between traditional beer flavors and the world of fine whisky. This particular brew has been aged in barrels from the Isle of Jura, a place known for its exceptional whiskies.

  • Tasting Locations: BrewDog has expanded its reach, with bars in various cities globally, from London to Tokyo. However, the truest taste of Paradox Jura can arguably be enjoyed at their original Aberdeenshire brewery or their flagship bars across the UK.
  • Market Price: As of my last update, a bottle of Paradox Jura typically ranged between $15 to $20. However, prices might vary based on location, demand, and limited availability.
  • Origins and Inspiration: BrewDog’s inclination to innovate and experiment led them down the path of whisky-beer fusion. While they’ve aged beers in different barrels over the years, the Paradox Jura stands out because of the distinctive characteristics of the Isle of Jura whisky. The island’s unique maritime climate and the whisky’s profile, which balances fruitiness with smoke, offered an intriguing playground for BrewDog’s brewers. The result is a beer that’s rich, layered, and memorable.

4. Jameson’s Stout Caskmates Edition

Jameson, a brand name commonly associated with Irish whisky, joined forces with independent brewers in a project that yielded remarkable results. A whisky that has been matured in stout-seasoned barrels has hints of cocoa, coffee, and butterscotch, giving it a flavor profile that is distinct from Jameson’s traditional smoothness.

  • Because it is produced by such a well-known Irish company, you can find this whisky everywhere around the Emerald Isle. But it extends far beyond that. It may be purchased in most of the world’s major cities, from the busy avenues of Sydney to the streets of New York.
  • The going rate for a bottle of Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition is around $40. Some places may charge more for imported spirits because it is considered premium item.
  • The story’s inspiration and origin can be traced back to an after-work drink shared by certain employees of the Franciscan Well Brewery and Jameson in Cork, Ireland. We started talking about how interesting it would be to experiment by aging Jameson in barrels formerly used to store stout. A novel whisky was born, melding the smoothness of stout with the robust, oaky flavors of Jameson whisky.

5. The Glenfiddich IPA Hypothesis

Glenfiddich took a bold step into the unknown by teaming up with Seb Jones, a craft brewer from Speyside. The result? A lively whisky with citrus undertones that pairs splendidly with the bitter hops of India Pale Ale. It’s a unique combination that goes against the grain of conventional whisky.

It’s encouraging to see the marriage of beer and whisky, two time-honored beverages, producing such energizing outcomes as the global taste continues to adapt. These whisky beers are more than simply a refreshing beverage; they also showcase the industry’s commitment to experimentation, teamwork, and improvement.